LUKOM-A Agency is one of the largest companies in Russia providing wide ranging security services for business ventures including oil extraction and refinery and the transportation and marketing of petroleum products.

The employees of the Agency are especially proud of the long-term cooperation with LUKOIL, which activity meets the interests of the Russian national economy.


Confidence earned in action

LUKOM-A Agency was founded in September, 18, 1992. The main founder and head customer of The Agency was one of the largest Russian oil companies «LUKOIL».

The Agency then was run by ex-military officers of special team «VYMPEL». In a short time they managed to create a small, but high-quality staff that can handle a wide range of tasks to ensure the security of assets of «LUKOIL».


Corporate values of Agency:

  • Activities of The Agency fully complies with the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as universal principles and norms;
  • Strict discipline is the most important attribute of our business;
  • The scale of activity and cohesive team;
  • Constant training and exercise, well-established interaction with the FSB, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Emergency situations;
  • Great experience in the sphere of ensuring the security of fuel and energy complex.


The educational facilities of The Agency help to simulate different scenarios, teach employees to take correct decisions in emergency situations both as individuals and in a team.

During the years of existence The Agency has accumulated vast experience in the spheres of:

  • Countering action to prevent theft of products and material assets:
    • During oil and gas recovery;
    • In refineries and petrochemical industry;
    • During transportation of oil — products;
    • In wholesale and retail trade of oil- products.
  • Protection of large objects (oil and gas minefields) and objects of big length (oil and gas pipelines, power lines, etc.);
  • Creation of the necessary conditions for the security staff to perform their duties;
  • Proper selection and appropriate training of employees that guarantees the highest level of security provided;
  • Interaction with law enforcement agencies to ensure public order;
  • Countering actions to prevent production and distribution of counterfeit and fake products and protection of trademarks.


The basis of The Agency’s work is:

  • The usage of common principles, standards and approaches, taking into account specific features of regions in Russia and abroad;
  • Clear and timely provision and exchange of information among all parties concerned;
  • Strict compliance of all developed and used local regulations, rules and procedures with current legislation.

Principles of operation

Security is carried out in strict compliance with the following principles:

  • The rule of law;
  • Continuity;
  • Pre-emptive action;
  • Complexity of measures;
  • Activity;
  • Economic feasibility;
  • Improvement.