The LUKOM-A Agency is one of the largest companies in Russia that provides comprehensive security services for oil production and refinery facilities, transportation and marketing of petroleum products.

For more than a quarter of a century the Agency has been operating effectively in 65 regions of the Russian Federation: from Kaliningrad to Western Siberia, from Naryan-Mar to Budennovsk, and abroad.

The employees of the Agency are especially proud of the long-term cooperation with LUKOIL, whose activity meets the interests of the Russian national economy.

Brief History

Охрана объектов обеспечения жизнедеятельности государства и населения
Confidence Earned in Action

The LUKOM-A Agency was founded on September 18, 1992.

The main founder and customer of the Agency was LUKOIL, one of the largest Russian oil companies. The Agency then was run by ex-military officers of the special team 'VYMPEL'. In a short time they managed to create a small, but high-quality team that can handle a wide range of tasks to guarantee the security of LUKOIL assets.

In 1994 the first subsidiary LUKOM-A-Volgograd Agency was founded.

In 1997 the subsidiary LUKOM-A-Perm Agency was established.

In 2001 the subsidiary LUKOM-A-Nizhny Novgorod Agency was founded.

In 2005 the subsidiary LUKOMA-A-Zapadnaya Sibir Agency was founded.

In 2010 LUKOIL withdrew as a shareholder of the LUKOM-A Agency.

In 2011 the latest subsidiary LUKOM-A Techcenter was established.

Nowadays 10 subsidiaries are part of the LUKOM-A Group.


Guided by the principles of social responsibility and relying on the connection between generations of professionals, we guarantee the reliable protection of the personnel and assets of our partners; we improve the efficiency of their businesses on the basis of confidence earned in action.


Corporate values of the LUKOM-A Agency:

  • Activities of the Agency fully conform to the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as universal principles and norms;
  • Strict discipline is the most important principle of our business;
  • Wide-range of provided services and a solid team;
  • Constant training, exercise and professional competitions;
  • Well-adjusted cooperation with subdivisions of the National Guard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations;
  • Great experience in providing comprehensive security services for the fuel and energy industry.


The Agency applies an individual approach in the training of the employees. The educational facilities enable to simulate various scenarios and allow the trainees to work effectively both individually and as a team.

The LUKOM-A Agency has accumulated vast experience in the spheres of:

  • Countering theft of petroleum products and material assets in upstream and downstream sectors:
    • Oil and gas production;
    • Refinery;
    • Transportation of petroleum products;
    • Marketing of petroleum products.
  • Protection of large-scale sites: oil and gas fields, pipelines, power lines, etc;
  • Providing necessary conditions for the security staff to perform their duties;
  • Recruting and training of the employees that guarantee the highest level of security services;
  • Cooperation with law enforcement agencies to maintain law and order;
  • Protection of trademarks by countering production and distribution of counterfeit and fake products.

Corporate Standards

The LUKOM-A Agency’s work is based upon:

  • The use of common principles, standards and approaches, taking into account specific conditions in the Russian regions and abroad;
  • The exchange of precise and up-to-date information among all parties involved;
  • Strict compliance of company's regulations, rules and procedures with the current legislation.

Principles of Operation

Security measures are carried out in strict compliance with the following principles:

  • The rule of law;
  • Continuity;
  • Pre-emptive action;
  • Complexity of security measures;
  • Activity;
  • Economic feasibility;
  • Improvement.